Mark M. Isaac

This site is for published novels by Mark M. Isaac and other authors. Hints, quotes, and posters about the novels will be published here too. We hope everyone enjoy. Here's our team who made all this come true.

Our Team

Important Managers

Francine Alini

Lawyer and Head of Law Team
The company's lawyer and responsible of all law restrictions and copyrights and legal sales

Emily Greene

Ads Assistant
The first supporter of the project and the Godmother of the idea of publishing the novels publicly

Rose Isaac

Sites Manager
The creator of most accounts and sites where the novels are published

Hylaria Isaac

Music & Tracks Editor
Composer of all soundtracks and remixes

Uma Zane

GM Book Publisher
Responsible of publishing hard-copies in libraries in Africa and Middle East

Science, Engineering, History, HR & Advertisements

Martha Marlon

All about cars and any mechanical machine or robotics mentioned in any novel

Nicole Benjamin Williams

GM of the Science Department
All about scientific theories or facts

Misako Mori

GM of the General Advertisements Department
All about our relations with customers and other adverts companies & offices worldwide

Veronica Leonardo

GM of the West Europe office
Advertisement agent handling all adverts of western Europe online

Chantelle Alini

HR Manager worldwide
Our HR manager of all offices worldwide

Owner, Authors, CEO

Mark M. Isaac

Owner, Author & Novelist
The author of the Novels and maker of their ideas and the only author of all novels published on the sites and accounts

Naomi Carlson

Novelist & General Manager
The characters' biographies creator, every character's bio and details are written and edited by her

Joanne Alini

Funder and supporter

Vittoria Carlo Salvatore

Auxiliary Author
One of our important and valuable auxiliary authors and one of the company funders and supporters